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About Our Team

Team Recovery Inc. has made it our mission to not only succeed and excel in an ever-changing industry, but to also provide the necessary resources and vital services to both the consumers and the clients that we partner with. Team Recovery stands out as a beacon of professionalism and provides consistent results for our clients, employees, consumers, and other parties associated with the company. Team Recovery strives to be ethical, moral, and comply 100% with the laws that govern our industry, as well as best practices and procedures. We work as a Team between credit grantors and consumers to facilitate the resolution of their accounts, and our partnership vision provides a service that excels.

Our success has come one client and one employee at a time, and we never sacrifice quality of service for mere growth in numbers. Team Recovery stands out in the receivable management industry as a company that tirelessly works to produce professional results and trusted services.

“If you are looking for exceptional customer service and communication, then Team Recovery is the best! Team Recovery has made a difference. In these economically difficult times, their amazing staff remains positive and works hard to contact patients to assist them with resolving their medical debt situations. Their efforts have provided great dividends to our hospital.” ~ Team Recovery Client

“The owners truly treat staff as a person, not a number. When I think of going to work, I think of my TEAM, not just my co-workers or bosses. I truly enjoy being part of such a great TEAM.”~ Team Recovery Employee

Mission and Vision
We have served our clients, our communities, our industry, and our economy for decades. This remains our goal as we work with you today!
We provide low patient complaints, proven recoveries, and exemplary client service.
Team Recovery provides a professional and practiced environment for all of our employees.